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Visuals engage. Stories captivate.

Together, they offer Visual Storytelling, one of the most powerful facilitation tools in business leadership today.

Visual Strategy creates clarity, communication, and change. Listening in sessions, thoughts are organized and drawn at the front of the room to make ideas tangible, clarify the complex, and inspire swift action. The results: a visual metaphor that maps the journey to achieve your goal.

Beyond a facilitation tool, Visual Strategy offers a new kind of communication strategy: compelling, shareable, complete. It turns dreams into reality.

TwoLine is your source.


Heather Willems

Author. Visual Strategist. Facilitator.

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We never could have developed this rich of content on our own.
— Wendy Yang President of HOKA ONE ONE
I was beyond impressed by Heather’s ability to take the complexities in my head and distill them down to the most critical and relatable elements that embody our brand. Not only did we draw out our core values into a phrases that tell a relatable story, also TRANSFORMED our purpose statement from business jargon into a POWERFUL phrase that connects on a human level. I walked away with enhanced clarity and inspiration that allows me to focus on growth.
— Bradley Callow CEO of Rich Legacy
I am very seldom astonished by anything, but Heather really, actually made me stand flabbergasted.