Clarity Through Creativity™ Workshop

Our signature workshop: Lead with Purpose

  •  Ignite your team’s inspiration

  • Fuel your individual’s motivations

  • Direct their energy to impact the change that they want to see in the world.

The interactive session will unlocks the creativity trapped inside your organization by tapping into your employees’s Ikigai: reason for being or true purpose. So often we go through life in a reactionary mode, working on a projects, completing tasks or keeping busy in order to achieve a goal or gain temporary fulfillment. This session will enable your to team to start from a place of fulfillment, with a crystal clear reason for why they are doing what they are doing in alignment with business goals and in life.


Keynote Speaking Engagements

Visual Storytelling transforms teams, replacing indifference with excitement, accountability, and lasting action. Few can account firsthand to its incredible power. Heather Willems is one. As seen on the Today Show, at The Atlantic, SXSW, in Forbes INC., and Entrepreneur, she’s available for keynote speaking at your retreat or conference. Help your team see the world in a whole new way.


Visual Strategy Sessions

It isn’t always easy to show teams how they’re part of the big picture. With Visual Strategy, you can. We huddle with the C-suite (from CIOs to entrepreneurs), visually mapping out your goals, then generating images that will help you harness clarity, activate support -- and reach the next level of success


Visual Storytelling Workshops

Drawing is a powerful tool. Our Visual Workshop teaches leadership as you’ve never seen it. You and your team will learn how to clarify goals, create ownership, stimulate record participation, and solve any problem, using just a marker and a flip chart. Bonus: a visual library you’ll use for years to come.